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This is how it works

It is very simple! You register and answer a few short matching questions. Then you create your profile. If you want to remain unrecognized, you can pseudonymize your profile. We will suggest suitable tandem partners to you. You can also search for suitable jobs on our job board. If you find one you can set your flag and show that you are interested in the job. If other people are also interested in this job, they will be shown to you and you can contact them. If you have found a suitable match, you can apply directly from PairToShare to the company as a tandem. Feel free to share a job in your network outside of PairToShare in case you´ve not find the right tandem partner yet or if you now a person who might be interested in the job.If you already have a tandem partner, you can also apply directly with him/her for your dream job. Please note that we are in our beta phase until October 2023. This means that we are on the road with our very first version of our platform. If something ever doesn't work, please let us know at user_info@pairtoshare.com. For more information please visit.

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